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Product Description:

Prostate Treatment Machine is the most advanced health care device of the rostate gland in the world today. This product starts the new technologic era in the health care of the prostate gland. It combines far infrared ray, electronic pulse, magnet therapy and thermotherapy to improve the whole environment of the pelvic cavity in order to increase blood circulation of overall pelvic cavity.

It allows increase blood flow into the weakened tissue for enhance ecovery and pain relief. The special care to the most important accupoint “Huiyin” of prostate gland and pelvic cavity plays a very important role in the device, this helps to improve the total conditions of the procreation system. Meanwhile, this device also has obvious effects upon female pelvic cavity. Also it can help to prevent the disease of rectum.

The Prostate and Pelvic cavity Therapy Device (unisex) is a non-invasive, drug-free method of controlling and relieving pain by combining infrared ray, electronic pulse and magnet therapy to increase the cellular metabolism of the pelvic cavity to disinfect and allay the inflammation.


  • Infrared Ray, Electronic Pulse and Magnet 3 in 1 therapy.
  • Ergonomically designed ensure snug, comfortable fit.
  • Easy-To-Use with LCD control panel.
  • Adjustable temperature, magnet and pulse intensity.
  • Additional heated and electronic pulse lumbar pain relief belt.


1.  This product aims to men whole pelvic cavity for the first time and to cure prostate diseases though developing the inner environment of cavity and self-cure system

2.  The product combines far infrared ray, electronic pulse, magnet therapy and thermotherapy form a complex energy place.
3.  Use the theory of light power therapy: the infrared ray can reach the prostate to diminish inflammation and detumescence.
4.  Light therapy area can produces infrared ray of 6-18Vm.
5.  Unique chair style design makes you feel more comfortable and convenient.
6.  No side-effect, safe and reliable.
7.  Period of treatment is short and you see the effects soon.
8. Applicable Symptoms:Prostatitis, pelvic inflammation, etc…


Infrared Ray, Electronic Pulse and Magnetic 3 technology  within 1 machine;
Ergonomically designed ensure snug, comfortable fit;
Easy-To-Use with LCD control panel;
Adjustable temperature, magnet and pulse intensity;
Additional heated and electronic pulse lumbar pain relief belt.
Internal medicine is the practice of preventing and treating very diverse and common diseases.

Applicable Symptoms:

Prostatitis, hyperplasia of prostate,pelvic inflammation, with symptoms of dribbling or painful urination, and painful testicles. etc.


Women: pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation, irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, cold palace, cervicitis, cervical swelling, hemorrhoids. Menstrual pain, 15 minutes to relieve pain, hemorrhoids day by day bear fruit, three days recovery
Menprostatitis, proctitis, colitis, hemorrhoids 

How to use

(1)Connect the instrument
 (2)Patient sitting on the instrument, wear belt
 (3)Turn on the switch to select mode, intensity, temperature and time, the start of treatment
 (4)The time is up, it automatically stops.

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